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    General information about Mandelieu/ La Napoule and its surroundings.


    Mandelieu can be reached by car or bus via the Péage, auto route A8, from the airport of Nice in some 25 minutes. It is also possible to reach it via the local road along the coast in the direction of St. Raphael, passing through the beautiful city of Cannes. Mandelieu has its own small airport, just outside the city.


    Mandelieu is joined together with La Napoule, which has a railway station. La Napoule also has a magnificent castle that is illuminated at night. One can visit the gardens of this castle and, in the summer, there are open air concerts you can visit.

    La Napoule has its own yacht-basin and a casino (like Cannes). Thursday mornings, there is a local market. Mandelieu has a typical French square with a fountain and with delicious restaurants.

    The road along the coast is sensational and will take you in a swinging way via Théoule, Miramar and St. Tropez to St. Raphael and Fréjus, both famous seaside resorts, and then all the way to Spain.

    The hinterland of Mandelieu is mountainous and nice for bicycling or walking and where one can enjoy the view on the typical French villa’s that are hidden behind high hedges.




     The authentic little French town is situated at the Siagne River, that is connected with the open sea. It lies at a distance of some15 minutes walk to the Mediterranean. When the weather is clear, one can see the two famous islands (St.Hélène and St. Honoré). It is possible to sail to the two islands. One of the islands has a monastery with nice gardens, while the other island has a magnificent fish restaurant with fresh lobster.




    Mandelieu has an authentic French market, every Wednesday morning, with a lot of  vegetables, fruit, clothes, French cheese,  provincial goods etc.

    One can find a variety of stores in the village and there is also a large supermarket Géant, with food and non-food products, nearby.

    In the village one can find all kind of things, like little coffee bars, outdoor cafés, delicious bakeries, a post office, pharmacies, a tourist information office and banks.

    Live is still uncomplicated .


    On the 14th of July there is a booming fireworks spectacle in Cannes, that can also been seen from Mandelieu. In this month, every Saturday evening, there are fireworks and you can listen  to a theme of music.

    On the 15th of July Mandelieu/ La Napoule has a castle illuminated by large fireworks

    Unlike other famous places along the Côte d’Azur, Mandelieu is not global, but is still an authentic French village with many attractions in its environment, like Mougins with the car museum, Grasse with its perfume factories, and St. Paul de Vence with Picasso and so on. Mandelieu is centrally situated.

    During the warm summer months it can be pretty busy, but during the winter months it is quite and calm.


    Mandelieu is close to many interesting places. In the past there was a big swamp between Mandelieu and La Napoule. This has now been filled with wonderful apartments, a yacht-basin and an excellent golfcourse in between

    golfentree golf

     The old course


    This wonderful and luxurious apartment is situated on the way to the beach and the boulevard with its many outdoor cafés, sun bathings terraces and restaurants. All the shops can be reached on foot.

    For the young people, the City Cannes is a challenge to go out.

    For who wants to have a quiet walk in the evening, one could go via the pine tree forest or  walk along Siagne river where you can enjoy the sound of the cicades and one can see the sunset at the boulevard of Mandelieu.


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